Monday, March 3, 2008

What Fun is Blogging if You Can't Pretend People Live and Breathe On Your Every Word

Catchy titles are overrated. Plus it is late.

Well it is still Monday here in the islands for a couple more hours, and you know what that means: my weekly post. I had intended to have A Fine Frenzy be this Monday's feature. 22 year old Alison Sudol has been playing nonstop in my house for the last two weeks. 13 year old Megan Kirton is to thank for that. I drive her carpool 2-3 times a week. Remember the Paris traveling, Sprecklesvillians of blogs past? The same. Stay on message. Erin, who makes up a good 25% of my blog readers, was kind enough to suggest A Fine Frenzy to me as well on Saturday. Well frack! (I have been re-watching Veronica Mars S3 lately) now a good quarter of my faithful readers already know and love (probably more than myself) the band I wanted to show and tell. Which means that another 50% of my readers also listen to AFF already.
Then I thought "get over yourself! You have learned of most of your music favs from the Hensel's. Who cares if they already know? Does it always have to be something new? No! Why can't we collectively bask in the beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics of Almost Lover, You Picked Me, and Rangers? Plus, what else do you have?" I literally have been listening to nothing else. I haven't practiced enough (ahem, at all) to play at Marc Aurel tonight, so that is out, and in the end, I am really taking my blog waaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously and this sentence needs to end but I am struggling to find a way to wrap it up. There. I did it.
So here it is. A Fine Frenzy. Yes, that was an working title for this blog entry, but how predictable! Also, to add a little spice: keep your calendar clear for a very special reunion tour coming this June.

Youtube is not working. Now nothing is working. Hmph. Look it up yourself. I will try again tomorrow.

Love and Aloha to all.


Erin said...

You are way to hard on yourself,, but so very funny while you are doing it. And since most of the music I listen to came from you (I am being serious, I think you were exaggerating a bit), I guess we are even. And since I have never tried to take on an endeavor as humungous as Music Monday, you should be allowed to bask in the glory of your critiques. So, here goes:

We're not worthy.
We're not worthy.
We're not worthy.
(Wayne's World was on TV this weekend)

Claudia said...

Okay, I guess I'm the only one living in the music void...I have no idea who A Fine Frenzy is. It's true...never heard of 'em. Not even from Erin. Sigh...I am so out of the loop. So I guess I'll have to look into them. And I'm gonna have to agree with Erin--Most things I listen to, both now and in times past, came from you. So whoever these other mysterious Hensels are that were turning you on to new music, I think we should know about them--they could be distant relatives or something!