Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To Shave a Cat

I think for the next few posts, as long as I can keep it up or I forget to do it, I will try to title my posts as potential band names. Of course, anything could be a potential band name. However, now you will think of it that way and it will be more fun. Is that confusing? I am watching "Quarterlife" online while I type this and it is making my whole life more confusing. No mystery why it was canceled. Darn writer's strike is making me drop my standards. I NEEEED A NEW SHOW. Really, how hard would it be to bring Kristen Bell back for VM season four? How hard? I mean 'Lipstick Mafia?' Really? I think there is another show just like that on another station.
I did catch a few minutes of 'Miss Guided' last night. I am going to predict this as my new fav. It has that girl from '13 Going On 30' in it. She is funny.

But I digress.

To shave a cat, all you really need are clippers and motivation fueled by your intense disgust at his ever mangy coat. Or 50 bucks then someone can do it for you. Normally, I as cheap as they come, especially when it comes to paying for something that I can do for myself. I shelled out the 50 bucks for this one and it was worth every penny. Lily and the cat both freak out when I bring out the brush and scissors so it was easier on everyone. Lily was thrilled that the cat could come in the car and that we took him to "get a bath" and that she got to see a dog. The whole time we were downtown waiting for the cat to lose his dreads, Lily kept saying "Numanuma [meow meow, her word for cat] bath. Numanuma bath!" this done with the sign for bath over and over and over. Very cute.


Kate said...

Lily is so cute with the cat. I love it! We just got some gerbils for out kids first petS. They seam to be loving them. You can see them on the blog.

callie.bottero said...

I laughed so hard for ten minutes when Chris told me about the cat being shaved. I was picturing something awful (the words demon and hell were used) but I like it better without the dreads. Which is what a lot of people say about a lot things. Ba ha ha ha ha!

I stilllllllllll haven't done the music assignment!!! Yours turned out great! I'm going to ask the boss man if I can work on it on the clock. hee hee hee... not really.

Claudia said...

Ummmmm...I don't know what to say about this. I didn't know that Orangie was still alive and kickin, let alone that I would ever see him naked.

Erin said...

Lily hugs the cat the way she hugged little Mikie! Little boys....household pets...I can't tell them apart either!

Ali Howell said... this cat shaving thing a hawaii heat thing? i've never heard of it...but yes it sounds quite comical!!!
i'm also still working on the music night i'll get the kids down and the husband out of the house at the same time...and then i'll get it done!